Using Explainer Videos on eLearning Courses and Tutorials and Increase Engagement

December 30, 2014

In the last few years, video content has grown tremendously. That’s because all the reports and statistics show that consumers prefer short, catchy videos as opposed to long, boring articles. Many Americans are just too busy to read a 1,000 word post on a topic, but an explainer video can give you all the pertinent information in just a couple of minutes. The most successful videos feature witty dialog, memorable characters, some cool music and an entertaining style. But can this be modified to use on eLearning Courses and Tutorials?

Make Teaching Fun

The simple answer is yes! A creative video production team can make it work on just about any product or service, including educational material. Let’s say you want to show users how to use your new app. You could write a long narrative listing all the features that includes the main points on the app. Or you could create a 2 or 3 minute whiteboard explainer video that cleverly shows users how to get the most out of your app. Which one do you think will be more effective?

The idea is that once users view the video, they’ll be so enthralled that they will start using the app and even recommend it to their friends. Word of mouth is still a great way to advertise and showing someone how to do something with pictures is still much more effective than trying to explain with words. Now you’ve got a tool that thousands of users can enjoy. This is called engagement. And it’s also the reason for the immense popularity of whiteboard explainer videos. People love them because they’re fun to watch and even complicated material can be easily presented.

Types of eLearning Courses and Tutorials That Work

Just about any type of educational material can be presented using a whiteboard explainer video. Suppose you want to teach a group how to use algebra to get a number’s square root. A hand draws the whole equation on a blackboard explaining each step as it goes along. The explanation would take about 30 seconds, meaning you could solve several other problems during a 2 minute video to reinforce the concept. You could use this same format with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Just imagine how much easier math would have been if the teacher had used explainer videos.

Explain Even the Toughest Topics

But they also work for complex topics like how to install Freon in an air conditioning unit. Or how to bake a chocolate cake. Or how to do the two-step. The list could go on endlessly. YouTube is overflowing with videos on how to do things. Most are homemade, poorly done and very boring but they still teach you valuable things like how to install new flooring and people go there every day to view them.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the enormous power of video for eLearning Courses and Tutorials, then can get you on the right track.  We produce professional grade whiteboard and 2D videos that get noticed. With years of experience, a highly qualified team and all the best equipment, we’ll make sure that you get videos that viewers love and even watch over and over. Contact us today to learn more.

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