Why You Should Not Use Explainer Video Templates

November 14, 2014

The results are in! An overwhelming number of consumers are more confident about making a purchase from your website after watching a video. Each year, more companies jump on the whiteboard explainer video bandwagon so they can take advantage of this new and exciting advertising format.

Affordable Professional Videos Using Templates

The problem is that many business owners feel that they just don’t have the budget to hire an experienced company to produce their whiteboard explainer video. Instead, they go out and purchase explainer video templates, then hire copywriters to write the script, and allow regular employees to put it all together. By the time they’re all done, they have spent too much time and money on a video that is clearly not professional-looking.

With explainer video templates, you get stock images that thousands of other companies also have access to and this can leave your video looking very similar to many others. The whole point of creating a whiteboard explainer video is to craft a fun, entertaining video that consumers will enjoy watching. With the right production team, you can actually create the type of quality video that people will want to share on social media. A few lucky business owners each year produce videos that go viral and we all know what that means in terms of sales for your company.

A Great Investment

Whether you just need to explain a bit more about your products and/or services to your customers or you’re ready to become the next big THING in your industry, a memorable whiteboard video is the perfect solution. It’s the type of investment that can pay dividends even years down the road. Videos can stay on Youtube forever and be viewed by people over and over with no additional cost to you.

For instance, the Crazy Egg video was uploaded to YouTube in February of 2012. To date, it has been viewed over 49,000 times. People still watch it today because they like the story it tells and because it has engaging characters and voice over. How much would you pay for that type of advertising and how valuable do you think it would be to have that caliber of quality video speaking for your company?

Increase Sales

Simply put, retailers who provide engaging videos sell more products than those with no videos on their sites. The numbers speak for themselves and almost monthly, we are all delighted by some truly fresh, original video that keeps people talking for weeks.

Your whiteboard explainer video should have a strong emotional appeal, but many viewers respond well to ethical and logical appeals as well. Studies have shown that emotional headlines just work better than some others. For instance, a headline like, “Baby Panda Dies” will get twice the readers as one titled, “Penguins Added to New York Zoo”.  Don’t be afraid of using emotional content, especially something that makes readers think.

Win Awards

There is even a Viral Video Award now. This is part of the 30th Interfilm International Shortfilm Festival in Berlin. Entries can be submitted from all over the world. Though there are cash prizes for the best videos, the real reward lies in being named a winner in this competition. This would be long-term advertising for your company that could pay untold dividends.

Customized Explainer Videos

If you’re the type of person who wants only the best, then you’ll appreciate the quality of customized explainer videos produced by our company, WhiteBoardExplainers.com. We have created a wide range of explainer videos for large and small companies in practically every industry. We craft highly memorable characters, catchy dialog adding professional voice-over work.  Each project is fully guaranteed with fast turnaround times and top-notch customer service. We’ve been around for a while and are highly regarded in the field of whiteboard explainer videos.  Why not contact us today for free quote? Your brand deserves the very best and that’s what we have to offer.

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