How to Use Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos to Engage, Interact and Convert More Visitors to Customers

January 11, 2014


What do Salesforce, eBay, and Dropbox all have in common? All three of these billion-dollar Internet companies use animated whiteboard explainer videos. These companies have virtually unlimited resources and options, and their marketing executives have all chosen to use animated whiteboard explainer videos to increase engagement and sales for their products.

If A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, Then Using A Custom Animated Whiteboard Explainer Video To Present Your Product Information Or Idea Is Worth 10,000 Words

Is a great website design, excellent copy and headline writing, and compelling information all that you need to make a great impression on your customers? Great marketers know that using an animated whiteboard explainer videos can increase conversions almost more than anything else. It’s a secret conversion weapon that you have to take advantage of – if you are intent on maximizing conversions and sales and not wasting site visitors.

Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos Have Become More Popular Recently

In recent years, these engaging videos have become extremely popular with Internet marketers. Walls of text are no longer acceptable, and inexperienced and novice Internet marketers are the only ones who won’t make use of explainer videos when they’re hired to increase conversions or sales for a company, nowadays.

Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos Are Essential When It Comes To Conversions

A whiteboard explainer video can explain everything about a business, product, idea, or service without the user having to scroll through lots of text. All of that scrolling can be less engaging, and very tedious, for a user. If your goal is to sell a potential customer something, then it is your job to make it as easy as possible for him to see your message, connect with it, and understand it. If you’re not taking extra steps to do that, like with clear headlines and explainer videos, then you’re showing your ineptitude, laziness, or ignorance as an Internet marketer.

It Is Your Duty To Keep The Customer Engaged

It is not the customer’s responsibility to see or understand your product message. It is not the customer’s job to seek after your product. It is your job to reach out and grab him, engage him, and make him want to learn more – and ultimately buy. A whiteboard explainer video can help you do all of that.

Why Are Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos Great For Increasing Conversions?

Whiteboard explainer videos are used by all savvy online businesses, marketers, and individuals who want to get their main message across in a clear and compelling way. What kinds of customers are going to benefit the most from whiteboard explainer videos?


Site visitors have short attention spans. Businesses have a mere eight seconds to capture attention with landing pages. Content that engages your users quickly is key to keeping them on the site. Explainer videos can help in that department, for sure. These are great for getting customers to learn more about your product or service, and they are also great at keeping the customer’s attention. The average explainer video has a viewing period of almost three minutes.


Most people are visual learners. Explainer videos make use of verbal and visual cues for learning. It’s been confirmed scientifically that people retain more than 50% of the information if they learn it through verbal and visual learning cues.


Explainer videos are one of the best ways to get across the value proposition of your business very effectively. Persuasive copy is great, but the graphics, text, and speech combo of explainer videos helps communicate your message as clearly as possible. People who are distracted get bored when they have to read something, and they have trouble with the disjointed nature of a series of pictures. Distracted viewers want an all-in-one message that can be passively absorbed, and the whiteboard explainer video is most effective for that.


Busy people don’t have time to read a lot of text or go through dozens of images in a slideshow. If that’s the way you’re presenting your message, then you’re going to lose a lot of visitors. Many busy people won’t even take the time to receive your message, and you can count on those users not to convert.


Videos are more likely to get your product message across, and the customers will retain more information, too. They’re more likely to impress and entertain, as well. If you have the right team developing your whiteboard explainer video, they can make your video interesting and humorous, as well. If you get a video that presses all the right buttons, it’s more likely to get shared on social networks. When your video is shared, it will help your search engine rankings, serve as free advertising, and introduce new audiences to your message, as well.

Some Reasons Why Whiteboard Explainer Videos Are Crucial For Your Business


Differentiating yourself from the competition – with their old-school presentation techniques – is important. Even if the competition has a superior product or service, you can get an edge on them by presenting yours better.


Complicated messages, procedures, and tutorials are just not conveyed well through pictures or text. While physical mediums often limit the use of videos, for example, instructional manuals that are bundled with product packages, the same limitation is not imposed on the Internet. Simplifying your messages, product concepts, ideas, and tutorials to potential customers makes them more likely to take action. Very few people take action if they are unclear on some point.


Impress your audience by showing that you’ve invested money and effort into a nice product or service presentation. A video that is unique, easy-to-understand, and engaging is a great way to connect with your customers.


Increase your sales and conversions when you engage your customers emotionally with a video.


Explain your product or service in a powerful and direct way that even a young child could understand.

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