• Professional Kinetic Typography Video Service
    at Affordable Rates


    At Whiteboard Explainers, we specialize in many forms of video production, including kinetic typography videos.

    Kinetic typography videos feature dynamic, moving text elements. These cutting edge animations can be used to convey your message in a clear and concise manner — precisely what you need to succeed in today’s super competitive virtual marketplace and beyond!

    A kinetic typography video is an effective communication tool because the viewer hears your message and sees your message simultaneously. Studies performed from a scientific standpoint have revealed that individuals are many times more likely to absorb and recall information that is provided simultaneously via multiple sensory channels.

    When you read the text and hear the words spoken in a voiceover, multiple neural pathways are stimulated, causing the viewer to form both a visual memory and an auditory memory. This results in a higher recall and information retention rate!

    The possibilities for your animated typography video are only limited by your imagination.

    This style of video is quite versatile too. Kinetic typography videos can be used to:

    • Provide a how-to tutorial
    • Offer an overview of a topic
    • Inform viewers about an important issue
    • Market and promote a new product or brand
    • Offer a detailed overview of your service offerings
    • Explain how a product or device works
    • Highlight your unique selling proposition or value proposition
    • Convince customers to choose you instead of the competition

    A kinetic typography explainer video can transform your website into a powerful marketing tool, an eye-catching information source or an engaging educational portal.

    Whiteboard Explainers offers free background music on all projects. We also offer our videos in HD format.

    Our expert team will produce your animated typography video from start to finish.

    We’ll develop the concept and storyboard. An experienced script writer will write a unique script. One of our professional voiceover artists will voice your script, which will then be used to create your typography video. We’ll add in music and export it in HD format and provide the video to you, our client, for review.

    Notably, the video production experts at Whiteboard Explainers offer unlimited revisions on all of our video projects. So unlike those other production companies, which charge extra for revisions, your video isn’t done until it’s absolutely perfect!

    In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love your new kinetic typography explainer video, we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

    Our firm is renowned for its top quality explainer videos, including our kinetic typography videos, which are produced at very affordable and competitive rates.
    We also take pride in offering comprehensive customer support and fast project turn-around. Our over-arching goal is to exceed your expectations of excellence in everything that we do!

    The elite production team at Whiteboard Explainers has been super-charging marketing campaigns since 1999. It’s time to discover what we can do for you.
    Whiteboard Explainers also offers white label solutions as a reseller partner.

    Contact the professional team at Whiteboard Explainers today to discuss your video project and to arrange a free consultation.


    Amazing Work

    National Soccer Coaches Association of America, with over 30,000 Members worldwide recently hired Whiteboard Explainers to produce a video to launch our new eLearning initiatives. From start to finish, working with Johan and his team of voice over artists and illustrators has been a joy. Whiteboard Explainers worked at lightening pace to bring the script to live. All changes we requested were made quickly and the quality of their work is outstanding. The value we received at our annual convention in 1 week has more than justified the cost and we will be using the video on our website and in our courses for months to come. I’m looking forward to starting the next project with Whiteboard Explainers very soon.

    David Newberry

    NSCAA Club Standards Project Coordinator