How Can Tech Companies Use Explainer Videos?

    Tech companies often have complex ideas they need to be able to share with customers and others. Whether you own a software company or have the latest communications network, you’ll eventually need to share what you do with a group. Explainer videos can work well for accomplishing this goal for the average consumer, investors, employees or any group.

    Take a Look at the Sample Video We Produced for CASK Below

    Product Explainer Videos

    Do you have a new smartphone to market? Or a new laptop computer with numerous features to explore? Product explainer videos have become the primary method used by e-commerce, retailers and manufacturers to do the job. You can make even the most complex topic easy to understand. There’s never been an easier way for tech companies to reach out to consumers and decision-makers alike.

    Technical documents and analytics tend to be very dry, even boring. You can spend lots of time and money having someone put together an informative white paper about your product or services. But often no one reads these documents and this is especially true with info from tech companies. These documents are thrown aside and your brand never profits from them.

    With a clever animated video or explainer video for tech companies, you can create an entertaining story that draws viewers in and helps them make a connection with your products. These videos have many uses, such as telling buyers how this new device can improve their life, how to get the most out of its many features, or why it’s so much better than others.

    Customer Service Videos

    Another big area that tech companies have really profited from are the customer service videos. You may have a tech gadget that requires a little knowledge to operate. Most consumers get frustrated right away if they’re struggling to get your new software, tablet computer, printer or app to work correctly. Your customer service department can become overwhelmed with calls when you release a new update or version of your product. But if you can create several clever videos and place them on your website, customers suddenly find the help they need. They figure it out by watching your video and then your customers are content. You’ve quickly diffused a potentially negative situation.

    Engage your “Tech Audience” and Sell More

    Let’s face it! Not many people enjoy looking at charts and graphs. But once you make an animated video that presents the data in an amusing form, everyone will suddenly pay attention. Boring material comes to life when presented in an entertaining video. People engage and then make a connection with your brand. They feel like part of your business. You draw them in and show them the numbers and they’re sold! You can quickly and easily share any type of information from how it works to why they should buy.

    Learn More About Explainer Videos for Tech Companies

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