How to Expertly Utilize Explainer Videos for Startup Companies

    Everyone agrees that the Internet has revolutionized our lives, but it has had a few negative side effects. For one, most Internet users have a very short attention span nowadays. The latest research shows that the average computer user stays on a web page for about 8 seconds. The only way to keep them there longer is to entertain them in some way and the most effective method that most web site owners have discovered is through the use of explainer videos and animated videos.

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    Use an Explainer Video for Startups

    Startup companies have their work cut out for them in today’s busy, competitive business world. It’s so difficult to compete with well established businesses. One of the ways that new startups are making an impact is with explainer videos. A great example of this is the Dollar Shave Club. This was a new business model altogether, plus it was trying to compete in a highly aggressive sector of business. The founders, Mark Levine and Michael Dubin, made one smart decision that catapulted their new startup to success: they developed a clever video that went viral almost immediately.

    The Famous Dollar Shave Club Video

    The Dollar Shave Club video was so successful that the company received 12,000 orders in their first 48 hours in business. Imagine how the company owners must have felt. That was only a few short years ago. Because of the ingenious nature of their startup video, the company today is highly successful and both men have quit their regular day jobs and now work as executives in their own company. It might have taken years for this company to ever reach its current plateau of success without that video. In fact, the whole idea might have bombed and all the money invested in the startup lost forever.

    Every day across America and the world, entrepreneurs have great ideas for a startup business. Some make it, but most of them die within a few years. When you think about what’s at stake, you can quickly see how important it is to give your business every chance for success. Since it’s a proven fact that consumers will NOT read long pages of content it makes it so important to develop whiteboard videos and animated videos that will grab their attention.

    How to Make a Successful Whiteboard Video

    A great whiteboard video for your new startup company doesn’t need to be very long. Usually about 90 seconds is plenty of time to get your message across. It should be amusing and fun to watch. If you do a good enough job on it, you can even get people to share your video on social media sites. That’s free advertising. Whiteboard videos for startups should be memorable. Viewers are seeing, hearing and often reading the text on screen simultaneously. A good voiceover will allow your video to make the human connection.

    Your new video should also build trust with your audience and convince them that they should do business with you. It can be inspirational, funny, or leave viewers with an emotional impact. It can urge them to take action right away and talk about why your business is so much better than the competition. With video content, it is much easier to achieve good rankings on Google than with regular content. You can tag keywords so that viewers will find your video right away.

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