Why Use Explainer Videos for Non-Profit Companies and Charity Organizations?

    Non-profit companies and charity organizations have traditionally been a bit more reserved in their marketing efforts than other businesses. It is important for them to be seen in a legitimate light, and yet whiteboard explainer videos have come to be a highly useful tool for them. The reason is simple: a non-profit organization can quickly and easily tell the public what they’re all about in a unique and interesting format and significantly raise more donations. Red Cross, United Way, YMCA all use explainer videos to raise money.

    Fundraising can be tough in these economic times, but using both whiteboard and 2D animated explainer videos greatly simplifies the process. Visitors to your website can learn all about what you do and why you do it while enjoying a clever whiteboard explainer video that generally lasts about 120 seconds. Even with the relatively short attention span of most web users, the majority will sit through a two-minute pitch.

    How to Use Explainer Videos for Non-Profit Companies

    One of the reasons this particular marketing device has worked so well is that these types of videos are visually engaging. People seem mesmerized by the use of hand-drawn black and white images being created right before their eyes. An appealing narrative that goes along with the drawing tells your organization’s story. Viewers are drawn in and make a genuine connection to what you’re all about and your goals. This is the key to success, whether using 2d animated or explainer videos… make a real connection to viewers.

    Use Cutting Edge Technology

    With today’s innovations in video creation, it’s much simpler to distill the key concepts of your non-profit org and make your appeal. Your charitable organization needs all the help it can get to reach out, because people have so many choices these days. Many charities are very worthy and do need help to continue to achieve their goals, but people often need a little push to make that commitment to help out. Difficult and even tedious content can be broken down into an engaging and fun format using a whiteboard explainer or 2D animated video presentation with today’s cutting edge technology.

    Creating Explainer Videos for Non-Profit Companies that are Highly Memorable

    With just the right script and video presentation, your whiteboard explainer video can accomplish many lofty goals. For instance, you can make viewers aware of an important political issue. You can also educate viewers and make it fun to learn. Tell them your story and how your organization was first created. Leave them hungry to learn more. Leave viewers inspired and truly interested in getting involved. When you send out a meaningful message that stirs people to take action, you suddenly move up in the ranks with your audience to make a donation.

    Creating Sharable Content

    Everyone on social media these days is sharing everything from cute pet videos to clever memes. Explainer Videos for Non-Profit Companies that are truly ingenious will be shared. This equates to free advertising for your org. Your viewers spread the word and in some cases, the video can even go viral and reach a vast unexpected audience. That is the goal of a successful 2d animated or whiteboard explainer video. Make viewers laugh, think or feel inspired. Make it easy for them to share your video and others will get on board as well. Get the exposure your cause truly deserves.

    Ready to Learn More?

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