How to Use Explainer Videos for Mobile Apps

    Explainer videos just seem like a natural fit for mobile app services. That’s because there are often so many features in the design that need to be described, but no one would read that much content. And yet, they would watch a clever video. That makes explainer videos the right choice for app developers. Instead of writing 1,000 words of complex text, you can just create an entertaining video that lasts a minute or two. You can show your audience why they should buy your app instead of telling them.

    Take a Look at the Sample Video We Produced for PlumbSoft Below

    For today’s busy consumers, explainer videos and animated videos are the perfect way to show off just how great your mobile app really is. In some cases, video makers have actually created such an amazing audiovisual experience that their viewers shared it hundreds of times with friends. In a few lucky cases, these videos have gone viral and suddenly turned the app into a major global success.

    Why You Need the Explainer Video for Mobile Apps

    That’s the beauty of using a 2 D animated or whiteboard explainer video. When you do it right, you can expect to reap phenomenal rewards. This has become a great way to show your customers what your app is all about. But it’s also a good way to capture the attention of potential customers. If they love your app explainer video, they’re more likely to become a fan of your brand. Consumers actually go online watching for new apps from their favorite developers. The buying public really has gotten much smarter over the years.

    What Can You Do in Your App Explainer Video?

    A quick demo can highlight the most entertaining features of your mobile app. You can easily share how to perform certain tasks. Some app developers make a series of videos to demonstrate each function. These can be as little as 30 seconds and still get your point across. These are a good way to discuss upcoming products too. A teaser video will get consumers eager to see your next mobile app. Be creative! Make it fun! Remember that you’re not making a tutorial video; it should be short and sweet.

    Be sure to add a catchy call to action somewhere in the video. Many people put that in their closing statements, but you can put it anywhere. Show users how your new mobile app is going to change their lives. Does it solve a problem for them? Mention how the mobile app solves a problem or enhances the user’s life. Whiteboard explainer videos and 2 D animated videos for mobile apps are perfect for breaking down complex ideas. Busy users just don’t take the time to read long instructional guides anymore, but an explainer video is cheaper, more fun and more effective.

    Whiteboard Videos for Mobile App Services

    Mobile app animated videos entertain consumers, solve problems and engage your customers. Viewers agree that, after viewing a whiteboard explainer video, they feel more confident about using a product. Share new technology or innovative concepts in a pleasant way that’s memorable.

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