Five Companies that Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos Successfully

mars 11, 2015

Whiteboard explainer videos have helped companies all over stay ahead of their competition by getting the consumer’s interest in just a few seconds. Whiteboard explainer videos are an inexpensive way to inform your audience what your product or service is, and how it will benefit them. Here are five companies that have used whiteboard explainer […]

What Is the Difference Between a Whiteboard Explainer Video and a 2D Animated Explainer Video?

januari 5, 2015

Whiteboard Explainer Video has been around for a while and is widely used because of its tremendous appeal to various audiences. It can be used to explain a complex product, service or concept in an entertaining way. On the other hand, 2 dimensional videos work better when you want to show all the great features […]

Using Explainer Videos on eLearning Courses and Tutorials and Increase Engagement

december 30, 2014

In the last few years, video content has grown tremendously. That’s because all the reports and statistics show that consumers prefer short, catchy videos as opposed to long, boring articles. Many Americans are just too busy to read a 1,000 word post on a topic, but an explainer video can give you all the pertinent […]

Surprise the Bride and Groom Using a Fun Animation Video Presentation for their Wedding

december 29, 2014

Many times, friends and family members spend weeks trying to find just the right gift for the bride and groom. After all, no one wants to give boring gifts like a toaster or silverware these days. Why not consider a fun animation video presentation for their wedding? Animated videos have become a highly desirable marketing […]

What Is a Kick Starter Video and How Can You Use It to Raise Funds for Your Crowdfunding Project?

december 18, 2014

Kick Starter is an amazing concept for those in the field of creative arts, such as photographers, journalists, filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians and gamers. It’s a place where people go who have a great idea but no money to make it happen. For instance, let’s say you’ve had a terrific idea for a new iPhone […]

How to Create a Viral Explainer Video that Spreads Quickly

december 15, 2014

The world has heard the phrase “viral video” quite a bit in the last few years. Often, these videos are made by businesses with products and services to sell. One of the more popular viral videos was made by the Dollar Shave Club. People still watch that video every day on YouTube. Explainer videos have […]

How Dropbox Used a Whiteboard Explainer Video to Generate $48,000,000 in Sales

december 11, 2014

Imagine growing your company from 0 users to 100 million in only five years. Dropbox did this and they managed to accomplish this incredible feat with minimal advertising. In fact, their home page has only two items on it: an explainer video and a download button. In spite of their amazing growth, they still mainly […]

Why You Should Never Use a (DIY) Whiteboard Explainer Video

november 18, 2014

If you like getting your hands dirty, then you probably love DIY projects. You can often save some money by painting a room yourself, installing a new floor or adding some shelving in the garage. But there are certain projects that should never be completed by amateurs. For instance, if your home needs new plumbing […]

Why You Should Not Use Explainer Video Templates

november 14, 2014

  The results are in! An overwhelming number of consumers are more confident about making a purchase from your website after watching a video. Each year, more companies jump on the whiteboard explainer video bandwagon so they can take advantage of this new and exciting advertising format. Affordable Professional Videos Using Templates The problem is […]

How Corporations Use Explainer Videos to Increase Engagement and Sales

november 13, 2014

Video marketing has become more and more important over the years. A business owner can clearly convey his value proposition to potential customers in about a minute. If done correctly, these videos can be memorable or even go viral. Case in point, The Dollar Shave Club. Their clever video went viral almost immediately and was […]