Whiteboard Explainer Video Samples

    With 15 years in video production, we can customize any video and produce in any style/format of desire. Because we only want satisfied clients, all video production comes with a 100% money back guarantee and free unlimited amendments (even the voice over and script). The average time to complete a video is 2 weeks (but if you are in a hurry and need it in one week we can also facilitate for this).

    We only require 30% upfront payment and the remaining 70% once you are 100% satisfied with the video. If this sounds fair to you, contact us today to discuss your project.

    MyConversionBrain (Custom drawn illustrations from scratch)

    Cowplanet (Custom drawn illustrations from scratch)

    FnB(Custom Drawn Illustrations from Scratch)

    Roxtec(Custom Drawn Illustrations from Scratch)

    CASK (Custom Drawn
    Illustrations from scratch)

    Polyvista (Custom Drawn
    Illustrations from scratch)

    Talking Vet (Custom drawn
    illustrations from scratch)

    National Soccer Coaches
    Association of America
    (Custom drawn
    illustrations from scratch)

    NAPA (Custom drawn
    illustrations from scratch)

    Horton(Custom drawn
    illustrations from scratch)

    UK PostBox (Custom drawn
    illustrations from scratch)

    NAPA (Custom drawn
    illustrations from scratch)

    Care Ministry
    (Stock Images)

    (Stock Images)

    (Stock Images)

    Roxtec (Spanish Version
    with Mexican Dialect)

    Labour Link
    (Stock Images)

    (Stock Images)

    Artisan Creative
    (Stock Images)

    SEO Express Thailand
    (Stock Images)

    Hertz Rent-a-Car
    (Stock Images)

    Wall Street English
    (Stock Images)

    Smash Stream
    (Stock Images)

    TRSC International Lasik Center
    (Stock Images)

    2D Animated Explainer Video Samples


    Plumber soft


    2D Animation Video Explainer Video

    FAD Channel

    Happy Fox


    Referral MD



    Crowdbase (French Language)

    Amazing Work

    National Soccer Coaches Association of America, with over 30,000 Members worldwide recently hired Whiteboard Explainers to produce a video to launch our new eLearning initiatives. From start to finish, working with Johan and his team of voice over artists and illustrators has been a joy. Whiteboard Explainers worked at lightening pace to bring the script to live. All changes we requested were made quickly and the quality of their work is outstanding. The value we received at our annual convention in 1 week has more than justified the cost and we will be using the video on our website and in our courses for months to come. I’m looking forward to starting the next project with Whiteboard Explainers very soon.

    David Newberry

    NSCAA Club Standards Project Coordinator

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