Why You Should Never Use a (DIY) Whiteboard Explainer Video

November 18, 2014

If you like getting your hands dirty, then you probably love DIY projects. You can often save some money by painting a room yourself, installing a new floor or adding some shelving in the garage. But there are certain projects that should never be completed by amateurs. For instance, if your home needs new plumbing or electrical wiring, you’re much better off hiring an expert. Most city ordinances won’t even allow homeowners to tackle these types of projects.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos are like that. Sure, you can do it yourself, but there’s very little chance that you have all the professional skills necessary to produce an excellent quality video. In order to create a top-notch video, you must have a professional voice-over artist, a highly skilled copywriter, and a very creative graphic artist.

Grow Your Brand

Producing a great video for your company is an important project with the potential to significantly grow your brand and increase sales. It has quickly become the number one method of advertising for many companies. A large percentage of consumers say that a well-produced video helps them decide about making purchases, gives them additional info about products and services and makes them feel more confident about doing business with a company. With so much at stake, there’s just no reason to leave this job to amateurs.

Consumers now spend time every day watching online videos. Video ads have become a huge marketing opportunity. And it’s not just about numbers; it’s about the type of person your video appeals to. If you produce a top-quality video, then you have much stronger chance of reaching the busy executive who is looking for specific products or services. He’s the guy who can instantly make a decision to buy a thousand of your tee-shirts, shoes, lamps or whatever you sell.

When your explainer video is professionally produced, it becomes the sharp marketing tool that you need it to be. It’s like a 30, 60 or 90 second elevator pitch. You may only get one opportunity to pitch your products to potential investors or consumers so it had better be the best you can craft. If you do-it-yourself, using DIY whiteboard explainer software and have limited experience, how much business will you lose out because you will not attract the big clients?

Explainer Videos Are Not Just for Retailers

According to the latest statistics, 80% of all internet users recall viewing a video ad within the last 30 days. Even better than that, about half of those viewers took some action after watching the video.  And online video marketing isn’t just for retail stores; you can use to reach out to potential investors, build your brand, and help people learn more about your products and services.

According to Forbes Insight, real estate web sites that feature videos are over 60 percent more likely to engage a potential buyer than those without them. Emails that contain videos are over 70 percent more likely to be opened by your target audience. Subscribers are far less likely to opt out of your list if you send emails with videos in them. Videos with emails have proven to produce far higher conversion rates. If you’re not using video marketing, then you’re losing out to the competition. But putting an inferior video out there with your company name on it can send the wrong message to potential clients.

Make a Good Impression

The good news is that more and more consumers are watching videos online and on their mobile phones. The bad news is that they increasingly want higher quality content. And remember the old adage about first impressions: You only have once chance to make a good first impression.

At WhiteBoardExplainers.com, we understand all the intricacies of video marketing. We’ve built a huge reputation as a leader in this industry by consistently creating attention-grabbing videos for our clients. Our graphic artists draw everything from scratch. We understand that video content can be a highly effective method of marketing, but you only have about 10 – 15 seconds to engage users.

Contact Us for More Info

We believe that our dedication to quality sets us apart from other companies and we’d love to speak to you about crafting an incredible video for your company. We also produce 2 D animated explainer videos (non-whiteboard) and these are more like cartoon video where no hand is shown.  Our graphic artists, voice-over artists and copywriters will create an entertaining and exciting video that will highlight all the best that your company has to offer. The result will be an amazing video produced especially for your company that reaches your target audience with a clear and original message.

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