What Is a Kick Starter Video and How Can You Use It to Raise Funds for Your Crowdfunding Project?

December 18, 2014

Kick Starter is an amazing concept for those in the field of creative arts, such as photographers, journalists, filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians and gamers. It’s a place where people go who have a great idea but no money to make it happen. For instance, let’s say you’ve had a terrific idea for a new iPhone app but need funding. This is what Kick Starter does. They provide a platform so that those who need funding can reach out to those who might want to support their project. Since their launch in 2009, they’ve had over 75,000 projects funded raising $1 billion.

In order to be successful on Kick Starter (or any other funding platform), it’s very important to make a compelling video that tells your story in a memorable way. After all, you’re asking people to give you money, so the pitch has to be great.

The Elements of Successful Kick Starter Videos

One Kick Starter video shows a guy delivering a clever pitch (3:12) with detractors in the background making funny comments. This one had earned over $3,000 in only 12 days. They were 67% funded. The concept being pitched was simply a weekly podcast that would debunk popular myths like whether or not J. Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser. When you break down the elements in this kick starter video, you find several things that all successful videos have in common:

• The guy delivering the message was likable. He had that certain quality.
• The background was fairly neutral. It did not take away or add to. It was just there.
• The dialog was cleverly written, kind of amusing in fact.
• The video was fun to watch.

The Elements of UN-Successful Kick Starter Videos

Another video on the Kick Starter site that has been up and running for 29 days hasn’t earned one penny. “Oh my!” you must be thinking, “Please tell me how to avoid that caliber of dismal failure!” Okay, so let’s see why this campaign has failed so miserably. First of all, the quality of the video is poor. That’s a huge deal with this type of format. People come to Kick Starter expecting to see first-rate videos, so be sure to give them one.

The next thing about this video that you’ll hate is the host/announcer. She is a really boring British woman who delivers her message in the most monotone voice she can conjure up. And lastly, we have a very boring dialog that will quickly put you to sleep. Having trouble sleeping? Just play this video tonight at bedtime.

The Extremely Successful Kick Starter Video

Okay, let’s take a look at one video that has garnered 114% of its goal. This one is for a narrative magazine started by a sweet young American couple living in Bangkok. Their video is under two minutes long, and features the woman and man taking turns explaining their idea. In the background, they play music which is not offensive in any way. The setting is outdoors with greenery.

The script is all about how this couple has had this amazing idea that could transform journalism. Each month, they will commission photographers and writers to do four stories about real people all over the world. The first installment will tell the stories of real people and what they’re going through.

1. A man in California who lives in a shipping container
2. An Asian man doing a hunger strike
3. A team of divers in Laos who are actually not divers

The couple says that 100% of donations will go to the journalists and photographers and that their idea has the potential to change the world of journalism. Imagine being able to change the world of journalism with just a $25 donation.

In every case, it’s the video that sells the concept. It must be done right, using a top-notch script. It should be entertaining to watch and move along quickly. When you can get all the elements just right, you can meet your Kick Starter goal, get funded and create your dream project.

Customized Explainer Videos

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