How Corporations Use Explainer Videos to Increase Engagement and Sales

November 13, 2014

Video marketing has become more and more important over the years. A business owner can clearly convey his value proposition to potential customers in about a minute. If done correctly, these videos can be memorable or even go viral. Case in point, The Dollar Shave Club. Their clever video went viral almost immediately and was viewed nearly 5 million times during the first three months. This video alone took the small start-up company from a meager income to one of the most successful new businesses of the past few years. Though the company has been in business less than a year, they recently attracted $9.8 million in venture capital funding.

Marketing & Advertising

Compelling advertising has always been worth its weight in gold, but with the internet now so prolific, you can obtain a worldwide audience in less time than even TV ads. Human beings can assimilate information provided in video form much more efficiently than words printed on a page. Many new and older studies confirm this fact over and over. That’s one of the major reasons why corporations are now taking advantage of explainer videos to increase engagement and sales.

An explainer video is easy to watch and the information is usually presented in a fun, entertaining way that even a child can comprehend. Using the right proportions of color, design, language and images, a business can draw its viewers in, get their attention and even convert them into loyal customers.

What’s The Market for Explainer Videos?

According to popular statistical sites, the average user will watch about 32 videos per month. Worldwide, that works out to be about 100 million internet viewers each day. Many of those are watching the latest viral videos of cute animals and children, but they could be watching your whiteboard explainer video.

Social Media

If you are skilled enough to produce an entertaining video, people will share it. Social media has made it easier than ever to share a news story or video with friends and family members. Millions of Facebook and Twitter users share links to photos, videos and other content every single day. Your video just has to be memorable enough for people to want to share it. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Many video creators use colorful cartoon characters saying outlandish things or dressed oddly. The trend now is to use quirky humor, cute talking animals or other memorable characters. However, don’t forget to include your value proposition. Over 90% of online shoppers say that they find videos very helpful in making their buying decisions, so be sure to include plenty of useful info.

How Long Should an Explainer Video Be?

The attention span of Americans and actually most internet users seems to be dropping every year. Customers often only spend a few seconds viewing a page on your website, but they might spend up to two minutes watching a video. A high number will click on a link at the end of the video to get more information. This means that you could potentially keep a visitor on your website for several minutes instead of seconds.

Get Professional Help

If you’re ready to increase your sales and visibility in the marketplace, focuses on high quality, customized videos. Our illustrations are drawn from scratch for each client and we offer three types of explainer videos. Most companies these days that offer whiteboard explainer videos take their images from online image collections, but our company provides completely unique work, so that your video can stand out from the crowd.

We also design and create 2 D animated explainer videos (non-whiteboard). This means that no hand is shown in the video and this produces more of a cartoon-like video. We employ top-notch, creative copywriters, graphic artists, and technicians with years of experience and we’ve produced many entertaining, fun, exciting videos for our clients.

Every day, business owners waste thousands of dollars trying to hire freelancers and unknown companies to produce their video. Don’t mess around with amateurs! We offer a 100% money back guarantee and free unlimited revisions. You receive fast delivery and excellent customer support, so what are you waiting for?

Contact us today so we can get started on an amazing whiteboard explainer video for your business.

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