Five Companies that Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos Successfully

March 11, 2015

Whiteboard explainer videos have helped companies all over stay ahead of their competition by getting the consumer’s interest in just a few seconds. Whiteboard explainer videos are an inexpensive way to inform your audience what your product or service is, and how it will benefit them. Here are five companies that have used whiteboard explainer videos successfully.

United Parcel Service

The United Parcel Service (UPS) has been using whiteboard explainer videos for years. With their whiteboard animations, they are able to grab the reader’s attention and then explain how their services work.

How UPS Uses Whiteboard Explainer Videos to Reach Success

The UPS uses whiteboard explainer videos by showing potential customers a scenario that they can relate to while simultaneously advertising a new product or service. Here are a few ways that UPS has benefited from using whiteboard videos.

  • Got people talking about the videos
  • Used simple methods to explain the services to consumers
  • Got people to visit their website by including a link at the end of the video
  • Led to several parodies, driving more attention to UPS products/services


Videos are the most effective method of media to promote your items for sale. Ebay is an auction site, and they benefit when people are successful in selling their goods. They used a whiteboard explainer video to help viewers see how beneficial videos can be when selling items on their site. A few ways that eBay has seen success from the video include:

  • Helped consumers understand the power video and visuals have on auctions
  • Let consumers know that they can add videos to their auctions to drive sales
  • More people are using eBay’s site
  • As people post more auctions, eBay makes more money

Hendrick Automotive

Hendrick Automotive is a car dealership owned by Rick Hendrick, owner of NASCAR team, Hendrick Motorsports. They have dealerships in 13 different states and they use the whiteboard animation to explain why you should buy your cars from them. They have seen great success with their advertisements because many people are tired of the standard, cheesy dealership commercials.

How Hendrick Automotive has used the videos

  • Incorporating real life situations that people are faced with when purchasing vehicles
  • Use music that viewers enjoy creating a desire to listen to the entire ad
  • Drive people to Hendrick Automotive’s website to find locations of dealerships

White House

The United States government uses these videos to successfully explain to citizens about the new Bills being discussed in Congress. One example is a video explaining the Immigration Reform Bill, which helps everyone understand what the bill entails and how it will change the country.

How the White House has used the videos

  • Help voters understand the governmental process
  • Break down the Bills into language people can understand
  • Drive more traffic to the White House website
  • Drive interest into politics and political decisions


Adobe took advantage of the advertising method to promote their EchoSign product. The video helped people understand how the product would benefit them, as well as how it worked. They fed off the success by selling more EchoSign programs, especially to companies that needed important documents signed immediately.

How Adobe has used the videos

  • Leaves customers feeling secure about using the products
  • Helps consumers see how the product can be used
  • Video for EchoSign was seen nearly 500,000 times

Closing Thoughts

In addition to these companies and organizations, Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN), Facebook, Mashable, and the television show, Weeds, have found success through using short whiteboard explanation videos. They all have discovered that more people will visit their business or interact with them on Social Media after sharing the videos. Consumers are looking for products that meet their needs and are willing to settle with the first one that comes to them. However, with whiteboard videos, businesses capture the attention longer and have a better chance that the client will stay with them.



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