Why should I use a whiteboard explainer video on my website?

    Whiteboard explainer videos can quickly and easily break down your company’s products and services in a fun, engaging and make it easier to understand of what you are all about. It will also help with the retention rate compared to boring plain text. You can use the explainer videos in many different ways. For example, highlight your main selling points and present the video on your home page (main page), for all your visitors to see. You can also use it on a specific landing page in a Pay-Per-Click landing page such as Adwords to help increase the sales conversion. You can use it part of your blog, social media channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to further brand yourself on those channels. You could also use the videos for educational purposes or at trade-shows.

    How long does it take to produce a whiteboard explainer video?

    The time is approximately 2 weeks or less depending on how many revisions are required by you. However, if no major revisions are required, we usually complete the video within 12 days.

    Will you write the script for the voice over?

    Either you can write it or you can let us do it for you.

    In order for us to write the script for you we need to know the following:

    -Anticipated duration
    -Key points to communicate
    -Tone (humorous, serious, etc)
    -URL if relevant
    -Action requested of viewers at the end of the video (please send logo as well if you want to brand the video)
    -Other additional information that would be important to know

    How much does it cost?

    Please contact us for more details.

    In which format will my voice-over be delivered?

    Your will receive in either a wave file or mp3 file

    In which file format will my video be delivered?

    We will send the final video in an mp4 format (HD Quality).

    Can I resell these videos with white label rights?

    Yes you can. As a white label re-seller you can enjoy discounts and white-label under your own brand.

    How does the payment work?

    We require 30% upfront and the remaining 70% once you are 100% satisfied with the video. All payments can be made either by PayPal or direct bank transfer.


    Amazing Work

    National Soccer Coaches Association of America, with over 30,000 Members worldwide recently hired Whiteboard Explainers to produce a video to launch our new eLearning initiatives. From start to finish, working with Johan and his team of voice over artists and illustrators has been a joy. Whiteboard Explainers worked at lightening pace to bring the script to live. All changes we requested were made quickly and the quality of their work is outstanding. The value we received at our annual convention in 1 week has more than justified the cost and we will be using the video on our website and in our courses for months to come. I’m looking forward to starting the next project with Whiteboard Explainers very soon.

    David Newberry

    NSCAA Club Standards Project Coordinator