Explainer Videos for Travel and Hospitality Companies

    The travel and hospitality industries are moving forward at a rapid pace and many of them are finding it hard to keep up with the high demand of consumers these days. Airlines, hotels and restaurants have to work hard to keep up with the competition. It’s very important for these industries to continually keep strong loyalty scores because consumers have so many choices.

    Highlight Your Services

    An explainer video that showcases your hotel or restaurant can help travelers see what they’re missing and give them the needed push to make their reservations. Explainer videos for travel and hospital companies are really the best way to engage an audience and make them feel connected to your services. Many companies use the same videos for years in emails and on their website, making this a very cost-effective means of advertising.

    Uses for Travel and Hospitality Industry Explainer Videos

    If you send out emails regularly to a mailing list, why not embed a cute animated video in your email? Emails that contain videos have an 82 percent higher open rate. Even those who don’t read your ads will watch a video. That means you can deliver your message at a much higher rate than normal. Another good usage idea is the FAQ Video. You might need to explain how to reserve a room or restaurant on your website. You can explain how airline ticket refunds work. Talk about all the amenities your resort hotel offers. There are literally hundreds of uses for animated videos and explainer videos.

    Better Conversion Rates

    Experts aren’t sure how it works, but when you offer customers a video to sell your products and services, you automatically increase conversion rates. Some experts believe that you can increase conversion rates by 20 percent. Customers seem to gain a better understanding of your company and what you have to offer. They feel more confident about making their travel arrangements at your travel site or hotel. It’s like having a friendly, amusing spokesperson to represent your brand. Your personalized video will be available 24/7 to customers anytime. Imagine the cost of hiring someone to do your marketing day and night week after week. You can get all the benefits of this while avoiding the high cost.

    Other Uses for Animated Explainer Videos

    Use animated video to explain your services and remind potential customers of all the perks you offer. Tell them about a big sale or promotion you have going on. If you can get this kind of exposure for your travel or hospitality business, then there’s no reason not to do it. Video production quality is at an all-time high, while costs are at an all-time low. Of course, the key to success is working with a proven winner; a company that has years of experience and understands what it takes to make an unforgettable video for the travel and hospitality industries.

    Work With WhiteboardExplainers.com

    It all starts with the right team and WhiteboardExplainers.com has a full staff of creative people. We listen to our customers and produce the video they have in mind. Each element of the video is fully customized to suit your business and get the most out of every segment. Each project is backed by a 100% guarantee and FREE unlimited revisions. You can get fast turnaround times on production, so you can get your custom video on your website and making money. Why not contact us to learn more?