Using Whiteboard Explainer Videos for Real Estate Companies

    There’s so much competition in the real estate industry. How will you set your company apart from the others? One way that many real estate professionals have discovered is through the use of whiteboard explainer videos and 2 D animated explainer videos. You can craft your message in one short but clever real estate video that leaves viewers with a positive and memorable feeling. Real Estate Companies are finally seeing the numerous benefits.

    A Better Way to Advertise

    Many industries have profited from this type of advertising which basically isn’t advertising at all. Instead, it’s a brief audio visual message that lets viewers better understand what your services are. You can show people how your company strives to truly help customers find their dream home and get the financing they need. An amazing video could highlight the strong points about your staff and personnel. Talk about how your people go the extra mile to make sure you get the most home for your money.

    If you were using old-fashioned print ads to do this, it might take thousands of words to get your point across. Imagine being able to portray your brand and share your message in one imaginative real estate video. You can focus on your services, talk about your people, generate leads or get people buzzing about your real estate companies.

    Whiteboard videos and animated videos are fun to watch. Consumers never seem to get bored, even when the video tackles a more complex topic such as FHA loan requirements. In fact, with the right animated video or explainer video you can go through the steps of the entire loan process in about 90 seconds. And viewers say that they retain the info they learn in a video for much longer. You might read pages of information about home loan requirements, but just one helpful video can quickly explain the procedure and leave viewers feeling good about their chances.

    Other Reasons Real Estate Companies Use Real Estate Explainer Video

    These are just a few of the reasons why so many real estate professionals are now using explainer videos on their website. There’s really no end to the various ways you can use them. Here are a few more ideas:

    • Have you just added new services or areas?
    • Position your brand as a leader in the community.
    • Introduce your real estate sales force.
    • Talk about new changes in home loan procedures.

    These videos can be used over and over again on a website, landing page, Facebook page or anywhere you like. With the low cost and high value of animated videos and explainer videos for real estate services, there’s just no reason to wait. When you work with a proven winner, you can expect catchy dialog and entertaining visuals. WhiteboardExplainers.com has the experience, ingenuity, staff and resources to produce an amazing video for your real estate company.

    Get a Professional Whiteboard Real Estate Explainer Video for Real Estate Companies

    WhiteboardExplainers.com works closely with your company so that we can fully understand what you want to accomplish. We listen to our customers and we have many proven success stories. We offer 100% money back and free unlimited revisions. We produce custom tailored videos according to each client’s specific needs and give you fast turnaround times. Please contact us to learn more.