How Explainer Videos for Government Institutions Produce Results

    Government Institutions do often have complex and complicated ideas that they need to relay to the public. These can range from new tax incentive programs to newly proposed legislation. There are so many topics in fact, that it’s hard to name them all. In most instances, the government simply prints up a brochure that discusses all the finer points of their latest campaign, whether it’s a new child care program or food assistance for the poor.

    The High Cost of TV Commercials

    In some cases, when they need to tell millions of people, they put together a public service announcement. This works like a television commercial. Though it does reach millions of viewers, it also costs quite a bit of money to create, film, produce, and distribute. Air time on all the major channels can run in the millions of dollars. These are just a few of the major reasons why today’s smart government officials are choosing whiteboard explainer videos and animated videos.

    Videos for Political Campaigns

    These can both be produced at a very modest cost that is nowhere near the cost of a professionally made television commercial. They can be placed on any website, on social media sites, on landing pages, or just about anywhere online that you choose. Whiteboard explainer videos and animated videos can be released on YouTube, where viewers can access the content anytime they like. It’s not uncommon for certain YouTube videos to be watched by millions of people all over the world. Never before has government institutions had such a wide range of outlets and options. With these economical tools now available, it is just a waste of money to produce professional TV commercials these days.

    How to Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos and Animated Videos

    Your government institution may need to raise public awareness about an important topic. There may be an upcoming political race that’s important for your candidate to win. It’s often important to educate people about a serious health threat such as West Nile Virus or Ebola. From time to time, the public is faced with such threats as terrorism or environmental hazards. The more quickly the government can respond to these threats, the more lives that can be saved. Time is usually of the essence.

    Animated Videos & Whiteboard Explainer Videos That Reach Your Audience

    Today’s animated videos and whiteboard explainer videos have become important tools that can save lives and educate the masses. Since videos are now so easy to share, many government institutions are taking advantage of them as an excellent resource for public learning, campaigning and informative initiatives. Below, are just a few of the many ways to get the most out of your government video:

    • Important tax law changes that will affect millions of people
    • New regulations that everyone needs to know about
    • Changes to assistance programs
    • Government policies that have recently changed
    • Health crises
    • Threats of terrorism
    • Public education

    Benefits of Using Videos in Government

    A government organization can utilize the power of an animated or whiteboard video to explain even the most complicated topic. And they can be slightly revised to reach different nationalities. You may want to create the same video in several different languages. That’s easy to accomplish. Video is a very versatile medium. There’s no end to the many ways it can be used, modified or altered to reach numerous groups with important messages.

    Work with the Pros

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