Explainer Videos for Video Gaming Companies

    Video games of all types have become extremely popular and this has caused savvy entrepreneurs around the world to try and come up with something completely new and highly entertaining. You can find video games with zombies, cute animals, explorers and other memorable characters these days. They all share the need to complete some type of quest and win rewards while doing so. With the marketplace so competitive, how will your video game stand out from the others?

    Introduce the Zany Characters in Your Video Game

    One of the main ways to advertise video games these days is through the use of whiteboard explainer and animated videos. This is the perfect fit for this type of product because it allows the user to see screenshots from the game itself. Gamers can view actual moments from the game so they can get a strong feel for what game play will be like.

    You can create your video to introduce the characters in the game or talk about all the various exciting challenges. Show your audience all the unique “worlds” they’ll be visiting. When you create an amazing video to showcase your new video game you enter the world of highly effective advertising. This is an idea that works well because it truly lets players experience the incredible video game worlds you’ve created.

    If your video is truly successful, then gamers will tell their friends and family and share it on social media. This is one of the main ways that successful games have caught on and become a huge hit with the players. You create a “Buzz” about the game and get people talking. The players themselves become your advertising as they share about memorable characters or fun game play experiences.

    Promotional Videos for Video Games

    Maybe you have a video game that’s been out for a while and sales are sagging. You could create a whiteboard or animated video that tells your audience about a new promotion. The ideas are limitless. Offer a free tee-shirt with every purchase or a discount on the purchase price. You might have just released an expansion pack and need publicity for that product. Promotional videos are great for customers, because they get fans excited and offer them a discount or a bonus for their purchase. You can share the new video with an existing fan-base or post it on your website, landing page or social media sites. Offering your players something cool for a special price does truly help to build a stronger foundation of loyal fans.

    Build Up Your Mailing List

    Offer gaming collections from high-profile indie developers at special promotional prices. Your fans will love being able to get their favorite games at bundled prices. You can also ask for email addresses each time someone views your explainer whiteboard video or animated video. This can help you quickly build up a fantastic and valuable mailing list of gamers around the world. Once you make a genuine connection with fans, you can sell them gaming accessories and other products your company makes.

    Work With WhiteboardExplainers.com

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