How to Explain Difficult Concepts for Your Start-Up and Kick-Starter Projects?

January 23, 2014

Crucial Elements to Include in Your Kick-Starter Video

No matter how difficult it is to explain your concept to the potential investors, you’ll want to include the following:

  • Introduction: Tell the audience who you are.
  • Story: Tell the story of your project. How did the idea come about it? What phase is it in now? How do you feel about your idea?
  • Ask: Directly ask for people’s help, explaining why you need the money and what you’ll do with it.
  • Rewards: Talk about what kind of rewards you’re offering, and include some pictures.
  • Goal: Tell people that if you don’t meet your goal, then you’ll get nothing, and no one will be happy.
  • Call to action: Tell them what they need to do next.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos Are Great Ways to Explain Difficult or Vague Concepts

What are whiteboard explainer videos? Whiteboard explainer videos are engaging and straightforward, and they are very useful for explaining vague or difficult concepts – concepts that might be too dense to understand from other kinds of mediums (text, slideshows, infographics, etc.). A whiteboard explainer video can collate text, slideshow, image, infographic, animation, etc. into a single simplified presentation.

A whiteboard explainer video is nothing more than a single individual standing in front of a whiteboard and drawing a sketch to explain his concept, while also commenting on his sketching. This basic template can be switched up a lot. For example, the individual may stop sketching for a moment and speak directly to the audience, looking straight into the camera, or he may be silent for several minutes as he finishes a sketch. He could punctuate his sketches with short comments that help the audience better understand what he is drawing.

A whiteboard explainer video can also splice animations, infographics, and images into the presentation, either through split-screen or cutting. A whiteboard explainer video is nice for the budget-conscious businessman, though, because a whiteboard video doesn’t have to use expensive CGI or animation. However, it is easy enough to add in CGI or animation, if a client wants it and the team is up to it. There’s a reason why educators use whiteboards to explain concepts to students. It’s the de facto medium used in education, from kindergarten through graduate school. It’s just a lot easier to get concepts across with a whiteboard. Internet marketers have repurposed whiteboards to help explain difficult, dense, or strange concept to Internet audiences.

How to Simplify Things for Your Kick-Starter Audience

BE YOURSELF: People connect more with a person who acts relaxed and comfortable than with someone who acts formal and awkward.  Kick starter is about community, and people care about funding you (not just your project). They want to learn about you, hear what you’re passionate about, and get personally excited about you. You also need to make sure that you seem trustworthy and competent. Have a lot of energy when you’re on camera, but remember to be yourself first and foremost.

KEEP IT SHORT: Most people have really short attention spans these days, especially Internet audiences. Most people aren’t going to sit through a five minute Kick starter video to think about whether they should fund you or not. You have less than ten seconds to hook your viewer so have a short, sweet, and snappy way to explain your project in the first ten seconds.

BRAINSTORM: Spend several days with your team figuring out how to condense weeks or months worth of work into a couple of minutes. Come up with catchy slogans, taglines, mini-explanations, and phrases that succinctly explain your project.

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