How Dropbox Used a Whiteboard Explainer Video to Generate $48,000,000 in Sales

December 11, 2014

Imagine growing your company from 0 users to 100 million in only five years. Dropbox did this and they managed to accomplish this incredible feat with minimal advertising. In fact, their home page has only two items on it: an explainer video and a download button. In spite of their amazing growth, they still mainly utilize those two things on their home page.

So readers may be thinking that it must have been quite a good explainer video. Again, it was a fairly simple whiteboard explainer video that told the Dropbox story in 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Though the company continues to grow in both revenue and popularity, they still rely on the same explainer video to tell customers all about their company.

Breaking Down the Elements of Whiteboard Explainer Videos

The most successful explainer videos to date are simple and concise. They don’t go into a great amount of detail. They usually run around 2 minutes. They always tell a compelling story that is memorable in some ways. Though explainer videos are very inexpensive to make, they have a strong history of working and almost always give users a huge ROI.

The Dropbox Explainer Video

So what is it about the Dropbox Explainer Video that makes it so compelling? Is it possible for you to use the same concepts to expand your business? These are good questions that many business owners and entrepreneurs have explored. In the Dropbox video, a very pressing problem that most people have is revealed within the first 30 seconds.

Everyone nowadays has information… important information… spread out across multiple computers at work and at home and on PDA’s. You might have a travel itinerary on your home computer, a map to your destination on your mobile phone and the convention schedule on your work computer. Once Dropbox defines the problem, they suggest that it would be nice to have a “Magic Pocket” where everything could be placed.

This Magic Pocket is, of course, Dropbox, a place where you can store word or PDF documents, photos, videos and other things. Another crucial element of the video is that it tells an interesting story. Within the first 40 seconds, viewers are introduced to Josh, who is taking a trip to Africa soon. All the information about his trip is spread out over multiple devices. How can he pull all this “stuff” together and store it safely in one place that is accessible from anywhere?

Why It Works

Viewers are automatically pulled into a successful explainer video. They go on a short, but fun trip with the announcer. They learn something and come away with a newfound understanding of what may be a very complex topic. Quirky characters are created that viewers remember. Entertaining dialogue that moves quickly is a must. Viewers love the drawings, as well.

Customized Explainer Videos

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