How to Create a Viral Explainer Video that Spreads Quickly

December 15, 2014

The world has heard the phrase “viral video” quite a bit in the last few years. Often, these videos are made by businesses with products and services to sell. One of the more popular viral videos was made by the Dollar Shave Club. People still watch that video every day on YouTube.

Explainer videos have also skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. They started out as a cheap way for a business to get its own video and then something strange happened… some of them began to go viral as well.  Now companies had a very inexpensive method of making a video that could potentially result in huge profits for their business. But what makes an explainer video (or any video) so popular that millions of people will watch it?

Usually, there’s humor involved, along with a clever script. Explainer videos often have a hand that is drawing everything as the announcer is speaking. For some reason (that no one understands), viewers just love to watch the hand as it draws images.

The Crazy Egg Viral Video

This explainer video resulted in a 64% increase in conversion rates on the website. Imagine any marketing device that could cause that kind of an increase! One of the first things you’ll notice if you dissect this video, is that it takes a very complex topic (conversion rates) and transforms it into a very simple one. They present a problem that all website owners have, i.e. getting visitors to buy something, and they remind viewers that Google Analytics can’t tell you why people leave a site without making a purchase or converting. Of course, Crazy Egg has the solution to that problem. Many viewers believed that they did indeed know what they were talking about and hence the huge increase in conversion rates.

Your explainer video must help viewers understand something. In this regard, they’re more of a teaching tool. But the video must present the explanation in a very clear way that even a 12-year old could understand. So let’s say that your company helps real estate companies sell more property. The market has been down in the past few years and it’s hard for real estate agents to earn a decent living nowadays. Your video could begin by introducing this problem, then revealing the fact that in December 2013, home sales were the highest since 2006.

This indicates that the market is definitely in recovery, but is your real estate firm getting its share of the pie? At this point in the video, a hand might draw a big, luscious apple pie. The video could go on to talk about why some areas seem to be recovering more quickly. Or it could talk about ways that your company can help agents sell more property.

The terrific thing about whiteboard explainer videos is that they’re very simplistic in nature. Though the script must be cleverly written, it should follow the example of viral videos like Crazy Egg and Panorama9. The Panorama9 video was almost silly. All the drawings showed heavy pixilation, such as we all endured during the early days of computers. It kind of made viewers nostalgic for those early days of the internet and those early computer games we all grew up playing. But then, it got right down to the heart of the matter: IT Man needs help managing all the events going on in his world. He needs the integrated IT monitoring system offered by Panorama9.

In just 2 minutes, 41 seconds, viewers were presented with a problem that all IT people have and then shown the perfect solution… all while being entertained. Viewers made an emotional connection to the video, but they also enjoyed it and learned something. These are all characteristics of a successful video.

Customized Explainer Videos

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