How to Boost Your Sales Conversions on Your Landing Pages?

January 28, 2014

Internet marketers, small businessmen, and SEO experts all have pressure to increase conversions on landing pages. Perfecting the landing page is an ongoing process, and it’s one of the easiest ways to increase profits. It’s entirely up to you how much your sales increase (with your existing traffic) when you have the task of tweaking and perfecting the landing page. So many business owners don’t have a clue on where to start, though. Internet marketing is a different beast. It’s unlike traditional retail marketing in significant ways, and sometimes it takes a seasoned Internet marketer to handle the landing page. However, if you don’t have the funds to hire a seasoned Internet marketer at this stage, then you’d be start learning for yourself right now.

Use Human Photos

Human photos on landing pages have been shown to increase landing page conversions in several published reports from expert Internet marketers.

  • Trust: Human photos on a landing page help produce a feeling of trustworthiness
  • Emotion: Human face photos have a better impact (stronger emotional connection)
  • Connection: Use real photos because fake stock photos don’t connect emotionally

If you need great human photos, check out stock photography sites. Spending a few dollars on two or more photos can dramatically increase conversions.

Use a Video

If at all possible, use a video on your landing page. It offers a way to passively engage your visitors so they can soak up and enjoy your message with hardly any effort. A recent study by showed that using video on a landing page could increase conversions by as much as 80%. There are several case studies to support using videos to increase conversions.

Videos can increase the amount of time people stay on your landing page, giving your brand message more time to sink in. If you feature your employees, your customers, or yourself in the video, it enhances the trust factor. Remember how we talked about using human photos? This is just an amped up version of that principle in action. Thirdly, people are lazy, and they would prefer to watch videos versus read content.

Use a Call to Action

Did you notice how we commanded you to “use a call to action” in the sub-heading above. You have to tell your audience what to do. Not everyone can figure out what you want them to do if you just have visual cues, product benefits, and an order button. It would seem like most members of your audience would know intuitively what to do, but there are always some that are going to need to be told what to do. Tell your visitors the action you want them to take. It’s not overkill to have a strong call to action. It’s essential for closing the sale in many cases. Adding a call to action will have a monumental impact.

Easy to Understand Content

Great content is essential, but your content has to be easily scannable, too. People will scroll through walls of text without reading them. No one wants a headache when they’re trying to get something done. It’s crucial to break up your content into easily digestible chunks that walk visitors toward a sale.


If you noticed in the sub-heading above, we didn’t say, “keep it simple”. We simplified the sub-heading itself by just using the word “simplify”. Don’t make people think, and your conversions will go up. People don’t want to think.


Chop up or chop off the content, use human photos, simplify everything as much as possible, and use a strong call to action. Your conversion rates should definitely go up. Good luck!


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