What Is an Animated Whiteboard Explainer Video and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

January 30, 2014

Whiteboard explainer videos have become a lot more popular in recent years. Internet marketers have jumped on the bandwagon, and the biggest Internet companies are using them. Even multinational corporations are using whiteboard explainer videos in their television commercials (remember those UPS ads that were so popular?).

Websites with blocks of text and scant images have become outdated and boring. Website visitors aren’t captivated or engaged by text or tiny images. They want to be told a story, to hear a presentation, and that’s where whiteboard explainer videos can come in.

An animated whiteboard explainer video uses animation instead of live action, but all the other elements of a whiteboard explainer video are the same. Typically, a black-and-white animation style is used.

You have less than a minute to make a great impression on an Internet user. You have less than ten seconds to capture their attention initially. The best way of making your sales pitch is through video so spend the money you have to spend to get the right team to write & produce your video. It could mean the difference between 1% conversion rate and a 10% conversion rate.

What Are the Advantages of Having an Animated Whiteboard Explainer Video?

  • Verve: Your message takes on a new life. The screen brings it to life.
  • Emotion: You can connect with your audience on a powerful emotional level.
  • Simplification: Complex stories can be simplified way down so that any Internet user can understand your product or service and how it can benefit them.
  • Value: Your value proposition is extremely simple to understand if you spend time writing the script for a short video.
  • Clarity: Your message is consistent, captivating, direct, and clear. A typical animated whiteboard explainer video won’t last more than a couple of minutes.
  • Creativity: Whiteboards are closely linked to innovation and new ideas in peoples’ subconscious. There aren’t a whole lot of great whiteboard videos online yet, and this will just make your video stand out even more.
  • Casualness: Whiteboard videos are naturally casual. The lines aren’t totally straight. It’s hard to inject this kind of humanity into other kinds of videos. There’s inherent approachableness to whiteboard videos.


Scientific research studies and Internet marketers’ anecdotal reports have shown that whiteboard explainer videos increase conversions. They simplify your marketing materials into one concise presentation. Whiteboard explainer videos can de-clutter the homepage, too. They can condense a lot of marketing material into one clear presentation. Your homepage can then have more of a focus on the video and the order button.

Comscore, a company that tracks data for the whole online world, found that ecommerce site visitors who view whiteboard explainer videos stay a couple of minutes longer on average, and they are 50% more likely to buy than other site visitors.

Do you have a complex product or service that could be condensed into an engaging whiteboard explainer video?

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