• 2 D Animated Explainer Video Production Service with Free Unlimited Amendments and a 100% Monday Back Guarantee

    We offer high quality, creative and innovative 2 D Animation explainer videos with graphics animation at very affordable prices. This type of video can be great for explaining your start-up idea and makes it easy sit back, relax and get engaged in your company for whatever service or product that you sell. It comes with full color and we can also make it character driven (eg: Meet Joe), a problem to solution approach, or an instructional approach etc. We can produce anything according to your own style and preference and the average time to produce one is approximately 2 weeks. We will look over the whole aspect from the script writing, voice-over and the video production to ensure there is a smooth flow to make the biggest impact on your users.

    This type of style is more time intensive and looks completely different compared to whiteboard explainer videos.

    Why Use a 2 D Animated Explainer Video for your company?

    • Give your story more life and increase engagement with your audience
    • It will stimulate more senses which will trigger more emotions and make your website more memorable compared to static information
    • Break down tedious and boring information in a more fun format

    Contact us today and we can put together a highly professional 2 D animated explainer video for your company at a very affordable price.

    Amazing Work

    National Soccer Coaches Association of America, with over 30,000 Members worldwide recently hired Whiteboard Explainers to produce a video to launch our new eLearning initiatives. From start to finish, working with Johan and his team of voice over artists and illustrators has been a joy. Whiteboard Explainers worked at lightening pace to bring the script to live. All changes we requested were made quickly and the quality of their work is outstanding. The value we received at our annual convention in 1 week has more than justified the cost and we will be using the video on our website and in our courses for months to come. I’m looking forward to starting the next project with Whiteboard Explainers very soon.

    David Newberry

    NSCAA Club Standards Project Coordinator